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Fanart? It would make my day :heart:

I'd also love it if you'd :+fav: some of my art or :+devwatch: :happybounce:



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Wonderful commission pieces and gifts.



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My Horde


I love you all, and consider a lot more than just these fabulous people above as my friends, so don't feel hurt if you're not on the list because I probably was just dumb and forgot to add you <3





:iconenderkittyofrainbows: :iconsurgetic: :iconbramfire: :iconstarburnava: :iconchef-chad:

Iwastagged and some update info

Sat Feb 7, 2015, 5:57 PM

Also yeah I know I have a LOT of explaining to do since I took so many requests, but long story short I've just been SUPER busy and focused on school and when I'm not I'm using what time I have to either study, plan, or hang with friends when I really get to. My art motivation (even in school) has been lacking lately, and for my birthday (ohright I had my birthday on the 14th of January which shows you how long I've checked out really) I got a new tablet which is bigger and nicer but it's been on the fritz a little so I have to play around with it so I'll be able to draw said requests. As for role play replies to my rabbit folk I haven't forgotten (mostly) and I'll probably reply to you REALLY out of the blue. My apologies for everything but some personal things have also been rough for the past two months. ANYWAYS! I was tagged by my lovely StarBurnAva to do this meme thingamabob so I shall continue to do sooo

If you have any other questions about your request feel free to ask and I promise I'll get to you asap. I'm on all the time, I just don't update a bunch.


1. Who is your best friend(s) on dA?
StarBurnAva  Surgetic loppy1352 blackeyes22 caseVIRUS BramFire vPersephonev 

2. What is your favourite colour(colors)?
So many blues and sometimes oranges, yellows, and reds mixed in different ways. Also really light/pastel colors like a soft mint green or soft yellow. Somanysoftcolors

3. Your age?
I just turned 17 in January! 10 days before Star turned 18 eve

4. Your eye colour?
I have blue/grey eyes with a yellow/golden ring around the middle

5. The first anime you ever watched?
Technically Avatar the last airbender I think...? but like real anime it was Soul Eater.

6. Favourite book? 
I really like the Unwanteds for some reason, and so far Watership Down. I know I have more Ithink but off the top of my head. OH ALSO those really little kid/middle school level books about Origami Yoda. I read all those books so many times for some reason and I just love 'em.

7. If you would be suspended from school, how would you react?
The only bad thing I do at school is just not go which is their loss anyways so if they want to suspend me for that then lol I would kinda accept it. I mean, it'd still go on record which would make me terribly guilty and feel bad.

8. A morning person?
I used to be! And I'm still in love with the world in the morning so I wish I could be again but I stay up too late.

9. Your favourite fanfiction
It's a Doctor Who fanfiction I read after the 10th doctor died or when Rose left because I couldn't accept it. I've reread it like 6 times now, it's pretty short but I love it a whole lot.

10. Favourite subject in school? 
Art when it's a project I like, then it's History and English when I don't have homework. Oh and Chemistry is pretty interesting! Any science really.

Now, choose one of your OCs....
I'll go withhhh
Ask Robin6 by bambifawnluv
FRANK! Because I love him but I have nothing to do with him!

OC questions:

11. Your name?
I'm Frank!!

12. Are you single?
Single as a lone duck in a pond.

13. Do you like your creator (yes, you dear deviant xD)

14. Have any other OC friends?
Just a lil' bird friend I saved. She's training me to be a better hero in everything I do!

15. What do you really hate?
Bad guys! The people against me and the good of the world! And my arch enemy...

Back to your questions, dear deviant:

16. Do you like answering these questions?
When I'm bored!

17. Are you gonna tag somebody else?

YES! Iam

18. Even 10 persons?
No I couldn't decide for that many ;w;

19. How many watchers/friends do you have?
Watchers: 231 lovely people!
Friends: 449 amazing artists and friends vuv

20. Your first deviation (with link)
Robin by bambifawnluv

I TAG loppy1352 and Surgetic and caseVIRUS (because I know she doesn't wanna do it so I am enFORCING IT)

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♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

ID by FazbearFever

:bulletblue: Name: Robin (Or Bambi if you want, you can really call me anything) :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: I'm Robin, a 16 year old artist who is working to become an animator or concept artist! I'm still learning and improving with each thing I draw, but I do take point commissions, and if I get to a certain level, I will start offering money/paypal type commissions. For now, however, I love to draw for the sake of drawing. I also love to play games, usually multiplayer, including Minecraft, Lif, Feralheart (sometimes), etc. I also have a steam and skype, and if you'd like to know what they are note me! vuv I'll usually only give my skype to people I've had a conversation with before. :bulletblue:

Chem was here, nerds.

WeeklyPoll9: wOW sorry for missing so many of these. Did you go on vacation for the holidays? 

2 deviants said No I just stayed home for the holidays c:
1 deviant said Yes to visit family!
1 deviant said Yes because we had time off of school!
1 deviant said Other? Comment!
No deviants said No, but family came to visit! c:


Colored Sketch
Duck with Bread by bambifawnluv
Quick little sketch that I'll color for you c:
Head Shots
Oranges and Blues by bambifawnluv
RobinRabbit Headshot by bambifawnluv
Shoulder up or waist up, please tell me when you order! One character per commission. These will be colored (And shaded if requested, no extra charge).
Journal Dolls
Blink Blink by bambifawnluv
Betty Boop by bambifawnluv
Major Coconut JD by bambifawnluv
GearBites JD by bambifawnluv
Rain Journal Doll Gift by bambifawnluv
Ian Vincent Vickle JD by bambifawnluv
Little page dolls, no super complex characters (comment to ask if you're not sure about a character!) two characters is the max I will do for a journal doll and they both have to be very simple characters.

If you want a specific animation please specify! Otherwise I will do a tail wag or head bob as the standard animation.
Animated Icons
The Full Icon by bambifawnluv
Strawberry Icon :CO: by bambifawnluv
Cool Cats by bambifawnluv
Classy Icon :CO: by bambifawnluv
Static Icon Gift by bambifawnluv
I can do a full shot of the character or just a head shot. Head shots will almost always be just blinking, and full body can be from bouncing, to blinking, to a small tail wag and head bounce. Super complex characters will probably be refused, sorry, so check in with me first if you think your character might be on the fence. 

Linking Icons! You will have to buy two of these commission and please remember to put it in both of the comments that the two bought are in fact linked! Note me about more than two linked icons.

**If a group Icon it might be better to note me first**  
Full Body Humans/Anthros
End of Love by bambifawnluv
Yellow Polkadot PJs by bambifawnluv
Sketch 1 by bambifawnluv
Sammy's Dream by bambifawnluv
Angels Who Rule by bambifawnluv
Keyba by bambifawnluv
Humans or Anthros full body coloring and shading, but 1 character per commission, any more is 30 :points: per character (purchased from the "extra" commission). Simple backgrounds are free but any complex backgrounds such as thick jungles or city scenes will be 30 :points: extra (purchased from the "extra" commission). 

I am still practicing and perfecting my human style, but I've gotten to a point where I am comfortable drawing them.
Full Body Feral
Ricky The Cat :AT: by bambifawnluv
The World is Yellow by bambifawnluv
Keyba by bambifawnluv
Rizu FanArt by bambifawnluv
Spotty! by bambifawnluv
Sherry :CO: by bambifawnluv
Up to 3 characters, full body coloring and shading, background added is free unless it is a city background or more complex jungle/forest scenes, then it is 30 :points: more (to add this please also purchase an "extra" commission and state what you'd like in the comments and what commission you're adding it to.)
Felina Chibi by bambifawnluv
Chibi Commissions x2 :CO: by bambifawnluv
Unknown and Viola by bambifawnluv
Felina Pup by bambifawnluv
Chibi Commission by bambifawnluv
Up to three characters, if requested can be transparent though the program I use does not have transparent files so I must use a different program, all in all it's safer to just have the chibi with a little color outline and if you'd like their name. 


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